Best RV Refrigerator

If you plan on spending any significant amount of time in an RV, you’re going to need a long-term storage solution.

A refrigerator is great for keeping produce cold and fresh, and nowadays they’re small enough to fit into mobile homes.

Getting a refrigerator for your RV isn’t the same as getting one for your home kitchen, you need to think more about its size and how well it’ll fit within the mobile home.

We have a selection of RV refrigerators for you below, where we’ve reviewed each one.

With each entry you’ll find our write-up and a pros and cons list of their basic components and features, so even at a glance, you can tell what every refrigerator offers and whether it’s compatible with your RV.

We’ve also included a buyers’ guide for those of you who are new to getting a refrigerator for RVs. It’s a small read that’ll maximize your chances of finding a quality RV refrigerator by ruling out unsuitable models.

Even if none of our suggested refrigerators work with you, you can apply our standards to your desired model to make sure it’s up to the job.

In a Hurry?

If you just want to get our suggestion and be on your way, we’d suggest the Norcold NR751BB 2.7 Cu. Ft. Refrigerator.

This is a fixed refrigerator from a reputable brand that isn’t too big, so you should be able to get this into most mobile homes.

See why we liked it below:

  • This Norcold model is a 2.7 cubic feet marine refrigerator that has removable and adjustable shelving. Inside the model is a blue, marine-themed LED light that’s easy on the eyes in all environments.
  • On the inside, those shelves are coated in white powder that makes the shelves stronger and easier to clean. There’s also a freezer box for even colder storage, so you can keep produce for longer.
  • You have full control over which way this refrigerator’s door opens, making it easy to install in tighter spaces. It’s also an exceptionally quiet model because it’s sealed by a Danfoss BD35 compressor, which is known for being quiet.

Top 5 Best RV Refrigerators


Norcold NR751BB 2.7 Cu Ft DC Refrigerator

Our first refrigerator for RVs is actually designed for marine use, but what’s the difference between the inside of a boat and a camper van?

They’re both generally tight spaces that benefit from compact appliances that get the job done, and that’s exactly what the Norcold NR751BB 2.7 Cu. Ft. Refrigerator is.

It’s an AC/DC refrigerator that, as the listing states, features 2.7 cubic feet of capacity that’s customizable through shelves that you can adjust or remove.

Since it’s designed for marine use, this temperature remains consistent even when you’re on the high seas, so it should have no trouble keeping that temperature on the road.

For how compact this refrigerator is, it comes complete with a freezer box that’s great for storing items at a colder temperature than the rest of this model’s capacity.

The shelves found in the rest of the refrigerator are also powder coated. This makes them more durable and, more importantly, easier to clean when they get dirty.

So, we know the Norcold NR751BB can keep things cold, which is the important part, but there are other things to consider here.

You don’t want to be locked in with a loud refrigerator during quiet evenings, so it should be interesting to you that this model comes with a Danfoss BD compressor.

If you’re not familiar with these, the Danfoss BDs – BD35 in this case – are known for being whisper-quiet. It also has a sealed casing that’s resistant to dust, dirt, and of course, moisture.

As for the physical presence of this refrigerator, the door can be switched to open from one side to another, so you can manage how this model opens into your RV space.

Inside, it also has a theme-appropriate cool blue LED that’s designed to be relaxing when you’re rolling on the waves, so it looks great in mobile homes too.


  • A 2.7 cubic foot marine refrigerator with adjustable/removable shelving.
  • Includes a full-depth freezer box for colder storage.
  • White powder-coated shelves are durable and easy to clean.
  • Exceptionally quiet thanks to its hermetically sealed Danfoss BD35 compressor.
  • You can switch which side the door opens from.
  • Cool marine-themed LED interior light.


  • Its gasket seal can be weak.


Dometic RM3762RB Double Door RV Refrigerator

While our first option was humbler and has a mass appeal because of how compact it is, this next model is what we’d call the luxury option.

We’re talking about the Dometic RM3762RB Double Door RV Refrigerator, an upright refrigerator model with an impressive 7 cubic feet of space.

Despite how large this refrigerator is when compared to other models on our list, even this model has a two-way power capability that supports solar power and other forms of dry cell power supply.

The massive storage space of this refrigerator model is spread across four fresh food shelves, three in the larger bottom compartment and one in the top, and both doors have their own holding compartments fixed to the inside for drinks and other liquids.

When dealing with a larger model such as this, keeping all of its contents inside the refrigerator becomes more important, so you’ll be happy to know that the two doors of the RM3762RB have self-locking mechanisms.

Using these, the doors will stay closed when shut, which is what you want when you’re on the road.

Behind those doors are flush-mounted interior lights, some of which are LEDs that are kept at eye level for maximum comfort and accessibility.


  • A 7 cubic foot refrigerator that’s ideal for luxury RVs and the largest on our list.
  • Storage space is spread across four trays and two doors of storage compartments.
  • A two-way power model that works with solar energy.
  • Self-locking door handles ensure the doors stay shut. 
  • Its interior LED light is mounted at eye level.


  • Hasn’t got many Amazon ratings.


Midea 3.1 Cu. Ft. Compact Refrigerator, WHD-113FSS1 - Stainless Steel

The third refrigerator is easily the most affordable option on our list, offering 3.1 cubic feet of cold storage for a generous price.

That’d be the Midea 3.1 Cu. Ft. Compact Refrigerator, one of the more popular compact refrigeration choices on Amazon that features a double-doored style and comes in white, black, or default stainless steel.

This is definitely the model you want to get if you’re on a budget.

If you tend to stay away from the cheaper appliances out there, and the high ratings this model has online still hasn’t got you convinced, we’ll go through what this refrigerator is capable of.

In its cold section, you’ll get 32 to 50 Fahrenheit depending on its setting while its freezer section is capable of operating as low as -11.2 Fahrenheit.

That’s more than enough to keep food cold or even frozen when installed in your RV. It’s also rated for power efficiency via an Energy Star certification and for safety by the UL Energy certification body.

Speaking of installation, like our number one model, the doors on this refrigerator can be set to open to the left or right.

This is a convenient feature anyway but, in the closed space of an RV, this can be the difference between a successful installation or a waste of your money and time. 


  • A 3.1 cubic feet compact refrigerator that’s also the most affordable on our list.
  • Capable of temperatures ranging from 32F – 50F (0C – 10C) in the cold section and -11.2F – 5F (-24C – -15C) in its freezer.
  • Set its door to open to the left or right to suit your RV layout.
  • Energy Star rated for power efficiency.


  • Produces a distinctive clicking noise when the compressor activates or deactivates.


Norcold 323TR 1.7 cu. ft. - 1 Door Refrigerator 2-Way DC/LP - Right Hand Door

Next, we have another model from Norcold, but this time it’s an even smaller capacity model for those of you out there who know the brand but have less space to work with.

This time we’re talking about the Norcold 323T R/L Small RV Refrigerator, a 1.7 cubic feet model that combines some of Norcold’s techniques with a compact model and a more affordable price, to boot.

Those adjustable or outright removable shelves from the previous Norcold model we covered are back, too, allowing you to make full use of the limited capacity you get from this refrigerator.

The shelves are white, as you’d expect, but this helps greatly in identifying when they need cleaning. Cleaning is also easier thanks to the powder coating on each of the fresh food storage shelves.

This is a compact refrigerator, so finding a home for it in your mobile home shouldn’t be a problem, but it’s reassuring to know that this model also has the capability to reverse its door.

This means it’ll open at another angle, giving you a full 180-degrees of opening possibility to find the right spot for this model.


  • A Norcold refrigerator that stashes 1.7 cubic feet of cold storage for less cost than other Norcold models.
  • Norcold’s removable or adjustable shelves feature in this model too.
  • All shelves are coated in powder for easy cleanability.
  • The door is reversible, opening across a 180-degree angle.


  • Can produce some condensation in the summer.


CIGREEN 63.4 Quart (60 Liter) Portable Refrigerator, Compressor Electric Powered Portable Cooler, Fridge and Freezer for Camping, Travelling, Outdoor and Home Use -12/24V DC and 110-240 AC, DC-62FD

Here’s something a little different from the other products on this list, but it’s great for those who don’t have space or don’t want a semi-permanent refrigerator installation in their RV.

We’re talking about CIGREEN’s 60 Liter Portable Refrigerator, a portable option that comes with all the features you’d need from a traditional refrigerator.

It picks up the slack by using compressor cooling tech that reaches approximately 23 Fahrenheit to 50 Fahrenheit depending on settings, being precise to within just one point.

It also runs with two additional modes that help when you need a specific performance out of your refrigerator.

Its Eco mode saves energy for your RV while the Turbo mode does exactly what you’d expect, speeding up the cooling process.

With smaller appliances like this, overpowering them is always a concern. Fortunately, the folks at CIGREEN saw any potential issues coming.

They’ve included an automatic shutdown feature for the compressor inside this refrigerator so that if any excessive power consumption is taking place, the appliance shuts itself down.

Thanks to its compact and portable design, they’ve also made this refrigerator to be quiet.

At 40 decibels, it’s one of the quieter models out there, though we can’t say that’s unexpected for how portable-oriented this one is. 

For some context, the average refrigerator usually pitches around 50 decibels.


  • A portable refrigerator that’s capable of storing 60 liters and can come with you anywhere on the road.
  • Compressor cooling makes this refrigerator do its job fast, especially on Turbo mode.
  • Automatically turns off to avoid excessive and unnecessary power consumption.
  • Produces less than 40 dB, so it’s quieter than the average refrigerator.


  • Prone to developing condensation moisture.

Best RV Refrigerator Buying Guide

Finding the Best Refrigerators for RVs

In this small buyers’ guide, we want to give you the information you’ll need to find the better refrigerator models for RVs.

We suppose you can also use these criteria to find a good domestic refrigerator if installation space isn’t such an issue. 

Whatever you’re after, you’re sure to find some valuable information in the sections below.

Every section corresponds to a feature or expectation you’d have from a refrigerator, so you can easily skip down to the one that applies to you the most.

Dimensions and Capacity

We’ve kept these together because you can usually tell the dimensions by the cubic footage capacity that a refrigerator offers. A seven cubic foot refrigerator will necessarily have larger dimensions than a one cubic foot model, for example.

Getting the dimensions is easy, they should always be on the product listing if not present in other places where the product can be found online.

Measure up your RV space and make sure that the refrigerator you buy will actually fit, you don’t want to waste money on it, after all.

The capacity will be whatever you need it to be.

Do you need more or less storage? How long are you spending in your RV, and how much do you want to store between trips to get groceries and other produce? How many of you are there? 

Only you can answer these questions and they should give you an idea of what space you need. It’s usually measured in cubic feet, though some smaller models might give their capacities in liters or gallons.

Capacity Features

Within the capacity of your refrigerator, there’ll be different features that change the nature of its storage. One of the classic examples of this would be the inclusion of a freezer section.

Many refrigerators have a freezer section that eats up space that could be used for cooling, so do you need a freezing section?

If not, you might want to avoid them, though they’re always a nice thing to have for long-term storage. You can even get compact refrigerators complete with ice makers for adding ice to beverages.

Shelf Material and Adjustability

Refrigerator shelves aren’t made equal. As the main storage devices inside your refrigerator capacities, it’s wise to make sure that the shelves are made from a durable material that offers some adjustability if you need it.

Most shelves you’ll find are made from durable acrylic plastic, sometimes even glass, so it’s not durability that’s usually the problem.

Instead, you’ll want to ensure that the material is treated for easy cleaning. One of the tried and tested ways of doing this while keeping costs down is to coat the shelves in hard powder, creating more friction during cleaning to dislodge stains.

You’ll see this method used a lot in our list of refrigerators above.

You need to ask yourself if you have anything to gain from having adjustable shelving.

They work by having multiple slots to move or remove them from the refrigerator entirely, changing the space you have to work with. You might want a fixed setup, so this feature isn’t a necessity.

It’s always better to have a customizable storage space, in our opinion, so you can accommodate every shape of produce. 

Control and Safety

A refrigerator with a problematic control interface won’t last long in your RV, so you want one that’ll stay with you and be easy to use.

The first thing you should check here is whether it has manual dial control or an electronic button or screen. This is entirely preference-based, manual controls tend to last longer but can be more hassle while electronic ones are more fragile but convenient.

Always check the reviews for feedback from customers who have experienced a refrigerator before you, they’ll always have advice or criticism that you can’t level at the product through your monitor screen.

For example, it’s only through fellow reviews that you can find out if the temperature control of a refrigerator is too aggressive. This means it’ll be colder than what it’s set at, which could be a problem if storing fresh or fragile groceries.

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