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Gooseneck To Fifth Wheel Adapter Reviews

Being able to tow without thinking about it is great, isn’t it? 

It’s not always easy though especially if you have compatibility issues between your vehicle and your towed cargo! 

A gooseneck to fifth wheel adapter is a great way to get around this issue, providing the ability to convert and get you towing quickly and with ease. 

But it can be challenging to find the right adapter for you and your needs with so many on the market at the moment. Just knowing where to start can be a minefield! 

But fear not! We have got you covered. 

With our reviews and handy buyers guide we are here to provide you with gooseneck to fifth wheel adapter reviews and help you make the purchase quickly and smoothly. 

In a hurry? Check out our top pick to get you on your way

Top 4 Gooseneck To Fifth Wheel Adapter Reviews


EAZ-Lift 15-inch Gooseneck Adapter | Converts Fifth Wheel Trailers to Gooseneck Trailers | Easy to Install | (48501)

Weighing just 5lbs, this lightweight gooseneck adapter tows without taking up too much space.

With a 30,000lb towing capacity, it's got the strength to provide you with peace of mind as you drive (and tow)!

The adapter features a simple hook and disconnect set up and has been praised by customers for its easy installation. 

The lock setting allows for a full range of motion and its universal fit means

 it's great for all! 

It’s a more expensive adapter that some customers did find a little tricky to install, but its weight capacity will provide that essential security you need while towing.  


  • Full range of motion

  • Lightweight

  • Universal fit

  • 30,000lb towing capacity

  • Simple hook and disconnect


  • Expensive 


CURT 16055 Bent Plate 5th Wheel to Gooseneck Adapter Hitch, Fits Industry-Standard Rails, 25,000 lbs, 2-5/16-Inch Ball

This affordable adapter comes with an easy installation process, great for those on a budget!

The adapter comes with a four-pin and chip attachment point and boasts a quick removal allowing you to get on with your day. 

The adapter is described as solid, made with a durable carbide powder coat finish. It’s weather-protected and protects from dirt and corrosive elements as well. 

CURT’s adapter provides complete access and use of the truck to haul other loads. 

It can be mounted to all standard industry rails and the trailer ball can pull almost all versions of gooseneck trailers, making it a very adaptable adapter. 

The tongue has a weight capacity of 6,250lbs and the gross trailer has a weight capacity of 25,000lbs making it a strong contender. 

The adapter comes with built-in safety chain slots for peace of mind and added safety. 

Some customers did find the included pins too small and opted for their own, which could leave you with an added cost when purchasing. 


  • Versatile

  • Durable and weatherproof

  • Strong and solid

  • Built-in safety chain slots

  • affordable


  • Some customers found the provided pins too small


youngs Product, LLC GN5 Pop Up Gooseneck Adapter to 5th Wheel - 4' Round Tube

Another affordable option is young’s Product  LLC’s GN5 adapter. Made with a 9 inch offset square coupler, you get an additional 9 inches of clearance between your trailer and truck, great for those after a few extra inches! 

The extra space provides more room for hook up and trailer swing as well.

The adapter is designed to fit all standard trailer coupler tubes making it great for those looking for a versatile adapter. 

The coupling is smoother and easier than other adapters thanks to the coupler automatically latching as the trailer lowers onto the ball. The molded hitching guide allows for this smooth and easy process!

The uncoupling process is easy with a release cable, making it great for those after a quick and easy process. 

The adapter is made from heavy wall tubing or durability and longevity. 

It is finished with a black powder coat that is highly resistant to rust, wind, rain, dirt, and corrosive elements. 

Some customers found the holes may not be high enough which is something to consider when purchasing. 


  • Affordable 

  • Extra 9 inches of clearance 

  • Smooth and easy coupling 

  • Durable 

  • Weather and corrosive resistant 


  • Some customers found the holes not high enough


CURT 16310 X5 Gooseneck to 5th Wheel Adapter for B&W Hitches, Industry-Standard Base Rails, 20,000 lbs

CURT’s X5 adapter allows you to maximize the functionality of your pick-up truck to pull a fifth wheel and gooseneck trailers. 

The adapter is easy to install by dropping smoothly into your existing gooseneck hitch. 

It's also compatible with B+W turnover ball gooseneck hitches with a shallow ball hole making it a versatile adapter to have. 

It's strong, able to pull up to 20,000lbs, and is made from steel to maximize its towing power. 

The durable and reliable adapter is made of a two-part resin: 

  • A carbide black powder coat for durability 

  • Rust-resistant Bonderite to protect from rust, chips, and harmful UV 

The unit has several mounting points and due to its heavyweight material, can be heavy and some customers did find this a hindrance when using it on occasion. 


  • Versatile 

  • Strong and durable 

  • Protection from UV

  • Easy to install 

  • Pull up to 20,000lbs 


  • Some customers found it heavy when handling 

Gooseneck To Fifth Wheel Adapter Reviews Buying Guide

There are a few factors to consider when making your adapter purchase. Use our buyer’s guide to see the things to look out for and get you ready to buy your gooseneck fifth wheel adapter. 

What is a gooseneck to fifth wheel adapter?

Before deciding the perfect adapter for you, let’s first clear up what a gooseneck to fifth wheel adapter is. Gooseneck and fifth wheel hitches are types of trailer hitches. These are used for transporting or hauling heavy loads. 

The adapter comes into use when the vehicle used for towing and the wheeled cargo are not compatible. The gooseneck to fifth wheel adapter allows you to solve the compatibility issue and tow with ease. 

Size matters

It's important to make sure that the adapter is the best size for your requirement. To do this you will need to take some measurements. 

Unless you are replacing the entire pin box, measure the distance between the tip of the goose ball and the bottom of the pin box. 

They usually come in a few different sizes, although there are universal fits available. These sizes are normally 12, 15, and 17 inches which are compatible with most vehicles. 

The adapter usually comes with size guides and conversions on its webpage, so be sure to check that it's the right one before you buy it! 

Towing Capacity

Towing capacity is simply the maximum amount of weight that the adapter can haul. With safety at the top of everyone’s priority list be sure to know how much weight you will be towing before purchasing. 

Most adapters these days are designed to hold up to 30,000lbs, more than enough for your everyday towing needs!

If you do go over the maximum towing capacity you can cause serious damage to your vehicle so be sure to double-check before purchasing! 

Maximum Tongue Weight

Maximum tongue weight is the maximum amount of downward force that your hitch can handle. 

This weight is always lower than your towing capacity weight. If your trailer has the correct tongue weight and well-distributed weight then your right will become a straight line keeping the trailer horizontal. 


Gooseneck to fifth wheel adapters come in three different types. 

The most compact one can be bolted over the kingpin lube plate which makes it easy to install. However, this design does come with an average level of safety so it's something to consider. 

The second type replaces the fifth wheel hitch providing a safer and secure connection. This model uses a lot of space, so is better suited for a six-foot or longer truck bed. 

The safest option is the model which replaces your entire trailer pin box. This is the easiest to install but does require more upkeep. 

Consider which is more suitable for you, your needs and of course your budget before making your purchase.

Is it safe?

Safety is of course a number one priority for so many of us. 

A lot of adapters are made from strong durable materials such as steel so are designed to support weight and stand the test of time. 

They can put stress on and damage the frame of your trailer. Make sure you know the maximum weight load it can take to avoid any disasters. 

They can in some cases void the warranty, so be sure to check this before purchasing your gooseneck to fifth wheel adapter. 

How much?

Gooseneck to fifth wheel adapters can range in price so be sure to set a clear budget before you begin your search. 

Remember to check the material and towing weight capacity when searching and remember that there are great affordable options available that are sure to carry your desired weight. 

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