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How Does DampRid Work?

Your home, RV or boat is your space. It is a place where you can kick back and relax, and not worry about anything else. This is your time. The last thing you want when you need time to chill out is bad odors, humid air and damp spots on the walls. 

If you have a mold problem within your home, or have been looking for a natural and safe product to remove excess moisture, then you have probably thought about using a dehumidifier. Generally, these are quite expensive and you cannot take them anywhere on the move with you.

If this is the case, then you should definitely try Damprid. This is a non-toxic product that uses calcium chloride crystals to remove humidity, mold and mildew from your home.

Damprid is a powerful and useful product that attracts and traps excess moisture in the air, which helps to eliminate damp and musty odors in your home. It may look similar to rock salt, but the crystals have their own benefits and capabilities. 

This is the ultimate easy to use product as you simply open it up, and leave it to work its magic. Once all of the excess moisture has been collected, you simply empty the container. It is mess free, stress free, and oh so convenient! 

You can use damprid in bathrooms, laundry rooms, garages, closets, basements, storage facilities, and even recreational vehicles such as RV’s. This impressive product has high capacity and is super long-lasting. 

Damprid gives you fresher, cleaner and damp-free air wherever it goes. 

The benefit of using damprid is how simple it is to use. The product is designed so that it is easy to dispose of, and it is septic safe and fragrance free. 

You can generally purchase damprid in buckets or baskets with sealable lids. For example, the Damprid Fresh Scent Moisture Absorbecomes in a resealable bucket for removing damp from large spaces.

When the crystals inside Damprid’s products are exposed to air, they react by absorbing any excess moisture that may be present. After absorbing this moisture, the crystals will over time dissolve into a liquid solution.

This way it can absorb any moisture in the air, and convert it into a liquid that you can easily and quickly dispose of. What is even better is this all-natural product will never dry the air or damage its environment. 

How damprid works

Damprid does everything it says on the tin. It gets rid of damp. A more accurate and indepth description would be to explain that damprid is made up of calcium chloride crystals, which like many salts attracts moisture, humidity and water vapour. 

Water molecules are much more easily absorbed into the crystals than normal liquid water and so damprid works great on removing humidity or moisture from the air.

Upon exposure to air Damprid crystals will harden as they collect moisture from the area it is in. These crystals will become so hard that they will form a solid mass before slowly dissolving. 

They will then become a liquid as they absorb all of the moisture that is present. After the crystals begin disintegrating, the accumulared moisture will drip into the bottom chamber of the tub or bucket, and any remainaing crystals will stay in the top. 

Once all of the damprid crystals have completely dissolved, the bottom chamber of the tub will be full of liquid. This should be emptied and disposed of in a toilet, and flushed away. The empty basket can sometimes be refilled, depending on the product you purchased, or thrown in the trash. 

How to use damprid

First, remove the lid to activate the product, but leave the safety cover in place. Next, place on a flat surface and leave to work. The calcium-chloride crystals will gradually harden and dissolve as they absorb the moisture from the air.

You should leave Damprid in a place that is close to areas of damp or where there is excessive moisture. You can use more than one tub in different locations, especially if you have a large space with lots of humidity.  

Once left for an extensive period of time, the crystals will completely dissolve and the moisture-lock absorber will indicate a red arrow. This means you can now dispose of the product into the trash and replace it. 

If you use the refillable Damprid products such as Damprid’s refillable moisture absorbers, first empty any liquid into the toilet and refill with more crystals. These can be a lot more convenient as they often come in smaller cups that can be placed in multiple places to attract moisture and mitigate strong odors.

These products can also last up to 60 days, and are far more eco-friendly as you can just refill the crystals after every use. 

Although damprid will not damage clothing, plants or products in the environment in which you use it, you should always keep it out of reach of any pets or children. 

Our Top Tip

We recommend the Damprid fragrance free disposable moisture absorber for boats and RVs as this 18 oz container can remove odors from areas of approximately 300 sq feet. 

This makes it perfect for stored vehicles such as boats or recreational vehicles that are left sitting alone for months at a time. This product can absorb moisture for up to 60 days, simply remove the lid and peel the seal and it is ready to go. 

Now you can enjoy the time spent in your home or RV without the worry of damp or humidity.

Breathe easy with Damprid!

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