Scamp Travel Trailers

Scamp Travel Trailers

Tiny home living - a movement dedicated to residing in houses less than four hundred square feet - has taken the whole world by storm in the past couple of years. 

If you’ve dreamed of both driving and sleeping on the highway but don’t quite have the budget required to design and build your own motorhome, a Scamp Travel Trailer could be your solution.

Lovingly nicknamed ‘eggs’ by their faithful owners, these rounded, robust, fuel-efficient beauties may have had humble beginnings, but they certainly pack a punch, more than competing with the recreational vehicle big leagues.

In this article, we’re going to take you through some of the primary features that we believe make the trailers produced by the folks at Scamp some of the best in the game, and hopefully, get you a step closer to your life on the road.

Ethos - Made And Sold In Minnesota

You’ll never find a Scamp trailer at an RV dealership. This business is a family affair, born when Duane Eveland began renovating and remodeling trailers - before long, he and his siblings had started their little Minnesota business.

Every single Scamp trailer is built on-site in their original location, with Duane’s son Kent remaining the president of Scamp’s parent company, Eveland, to this very day, retaining those classic family values the business was founded upon.

All trailers are made to order, with employees on hand to give every single customer their ideal experience and create a traveling vehicle that is personalized to truly meet all of their requirements.

You can pick up a brochure chock full of features, layouts, and accessories available for each classic Scamp mold and pick out whatever you like - each worker is intimately familiar with all of your options and can discuss them with you in detail.

Got a zany idea but don’t have the skills or equipment to see it through? Ask the gang at Scamp for a consultation and you’ll be surprised just how flexible they can be, and how unique you can be in designing your own motorhome.

Sizes and Styles

Since their conception in the Seventies, Scamp Travel Trailers have been available to purchase in three standard sizes:


Easily recognized as the most popular offering since their origin, the thirteen-foot trailer has done nothing but improve, with a broad range of amenities, layouts, and customization options available, starting at less than twelve thousand dollars.

Affordable and particularly pint-sized, this variant can be built with or without toilet and shower facilities depending on your intended use; it sleeps between one and four depending on the layout you opt for.

Specifications wise, it weighs between twelve and fifteen hundred pounds (as determined by the accessories you choose), with a dry hitch weight of a hundred pounds and an exterior height of seven feet, six inches.

Like Mary Poppins’ famous handbag, it is deceptively small from the outside but opens up to reveal plenty of features, which will change depending on the floor plan you opt for, but could include a bathroom, a dining table and even a sofa!


After the roaring success of the thirteen footers, Scamp heard the call for bigger and better and answered by adding an additional three feet of space - perhaps the most versatile and customizable of the bunch, the sixteen-foot trailer.

Though still compact when compared to other RVs and trailers on the market today, it still sleeps between one and four people (layout depending) but does so far more spaciously. If you’re a tall family, you’ll be grateful for the extra room!

As with all Scamp trailers, the interior is entirely dependent on your design choices (unless you’re purchasing second hand), but from cable TV, deluxe carpets and curtains and even a ceiling fan, there’s luxuries and essentials alike to suit everyone.

Weighing in at up to two thousand pounds, with a dry hitch weight between a hundred and eighty-five and two hundred and twenty pounds and an exterior height of seven feet, ten inches, it’s the 13-footer’s bigger, comfier brother.


Every single one of the nineteen footers comes with a shower and a toilet as standard, so if you’re planning on taking regular trips with your trailer, you are always going to have the essentials close at hand.

Sleeping between one and six people as determined by the layout you choose, this trailer is perfect for a family and even their furry friends, with a queen-sized bed in the loft, a dining table that converts to a double and singles for the little ones.

These babies are so big, you can even get a 16,000 BTU furnace installed, which is perfect if you’re going to be traveling around in colder climates or at a chillier time of year, keeping you and your loved ones toasty warm.

Coming in at a ginormous two thousand, eight hundred pounds when you choose to include the additional extras, the dry hitch weight is four hundred pounds and exterior height just below nine feet, and all spaces are taken advantage of.

Classic American Quality

When you’re shopping for a new trailer - or perhaps a secondhand model, if you’re looking to save some money - chances are your biggest concern will be the quality of construction.

Whether a brand claims to be American born and bred, a lot of RV and travel trailers may be manufactured in the US, but that doesn’t mean all of the components are American-made too.

Shopping with Scamp, however, you can rest assured that every single part of their trailers has been designed in-house and constructed at their official plant in Backus, Minnesota, instead of outsourced from elsewhere.

Purchasing from Scamp, therefore, is an easy way to support countless hard-working Americans, from the key employees at the Scamp factory to those responsible for the smallest screws and bolts that make your trailer.

Dependable By Nature

Did you know that many of the Scamp trailers from their debut in the 1970s are still in use today? Yes, built over fifty years ago and still trucking on! That should give you an idea of the durability that a trailer from these guys can offer.

Each unit has a solid, fiberglass shell, thoroughly insulated to protect you from all manner of weather conditions and any potential hazards - if you’re going to have your loved ones aboard, and your furry friends, you want them to be safe.

Where some trailers and RVs utilize canvas or other soft materials in their design, that is not the case with Scamp’s turtle-shell like exteriors. Even if you’re hit by a hailstorm, besides a few loud bumps, you’re coming away scratch-free.

If for any reason you need to replace a part or you’re having difficulty with a repair, there’s nothing to worry about, and certainly no need to trawl the internet! Scamp’s Minnesota office will mail you what you need, no matter how old your trailer is!

Adaptable To All

That beautiful fiberglass shell and all it’s insulation mean you can take your Scamp for a spin no matter the time of year, whatever the weather, but just because you’re keeping the cold out, doesn’t mean it won’t get chilly.

A variety of furnace styles for different user experiences are offered, all serving to provide more than enough heating for everybody. Caught up in a snowstorm and no way of driving out? At least you’ll be warm!

Scamp’s design team proffer numerous floorplan layouts and amenities to choose from when they’re creating a trailer specifically for a customer, so you can truly pick out a vehicle that suits every single one of your needs.

Constructed from lightweight materials with a surprisingly aerodynamic frame means that these trailers are bewilderingly easy to drive, maneuver and park, even in particularly cramped and difficult campsites.

There’s no need to do any additional setting-up once you get where you need to go, either. With no poles to set and no leveling systems to worry about, you just park up and relax. Leave your house, set up camp, and you’re good to go!

Value For Money - Really

So many companies claim to offer you the best bang for your buck, but when Scamp say that, they mean it. Whilst each trailer they sell has been fairly priced and beats out a lot of the market competitors, it is also valuable in it’s longevity.

As they are so lightweight and easy to tow, a Scamp trailer will guarantee a much greater efficiency of fuel usage, as you’ll spend much less time trying to navigate and get parked up than you would otherwise.

Additionally, because of the smaller stature of Scamp trailers versus other manufacturers, you can use a much smaller vehicle to tow; no need to rent out a gas guzzler to drag it along, as your eco-friendly car is perfectly capable! 

Being such a dependable, durable trailer with a recognizable name means that the resale value for a Scamp Travel Trailer is retained much more easily than comparable manufacturers - many of the original models, as we said, are still on the road.

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