Schumacher Battery Charger Review

Schumacher Electric is one of the most well-loved and trusted US brands for vehicle accessories and equipment.

Founded and run by professional drag racer Don Schumacher in 1947, the company manufactures a wide range of products, including engine starters, welding machines, and transformers.

However, the products that Schumacher is most famous for are its range of car battery chargers.

Schumacher’s battery chargers lead the US market by a significant margin and have made their name as staple products in the automotive and marine industries.

The battery chargers manufactured by Schumacher are designed to take the stress and guesswork out of the process of charging large batteries.

Many of Schumacher’s battery chargers are fully automatic, meaning they do most of the work for you through features such as Auto-voltage detection, Microprocessor-controlled multi-stage charging, and Float-mode monitoring.

These automatic features ensure that Schumacher chargers are suitable for all compatible vehicle owners, regardless of automotive experience or skill level.

Best of all, Schumacher’s range of battery chargers is highly versatile, with the majority of their chargers being suitable for both automotive and marine use, and providing charging, maintenance, and jump-starting settings to cater to every eventuality.

Moreover, Schumacher’s battery chargers are built for convenience and durability thanks to their temperature-resistant and portable designs.

This article will outline the main features of some of the most popular Schumacher battery chargers on the market.

With so many incredible models to choose from, we’re sure you’ll be able to find a Schumacher battery charger that fulfills and surpasses both your own and your vehicle’s requirements in no time. 

Top 5 Schumacher Battery Charger Review


Schumacher SC1281 100 Amp 30 Amp 6V/12V Fully Automatic Smart Battery Charger 100A Engine Starter and 30A Boost Maintainer and Auto Desulfator Advanced Diagnostic Testing

One of Schumacher’s most popular battery chargers is the SC1281 6/12 Volt Fully Automatic Battery Charger.

This is a versatile, multipurpose battery charger that is suitable for charging or jump-starting SV or truck batteries, as well as other large 6/12-volt batteries. It can operate at amperages of 30A and 100A depending on the task at hand.

It is also compatible with various battery types, including deep-cycle, AGM, gel, and, of course, standard batteries.

The SC1281 offers microprocessor-controlled, multi-stage charging. This means that the charger automatically adjusts the amperage according to the stage of charge your battery is in.

This makes for safe and precise charging that will extend your battery life and minimize the extent to which you need to monitor the process yourself.

This battery charger also includes plenty of other built-in safety and compatibility features.

For instance, the inbuilt Battery and Alternator Tester can test for and diagnose electrical problems within your battery.

Meanwhile, the Auto Voltage Detection feature automatically detects 6 and 12-volt batteries to ensure compatibility.

The Reverse Hook-Up Protection feature stops the charger from working if the clamps are reversed. This prevents you from accidentally reversing the polarity of your battery.

The SC1281’s display, control panel, and interface are designed to provide an easy and user-friendly experience. The LED indicators and start/stop push buttons make for simple and intuitive use. 


● Various amperages (30/100A)
● Suitable for charging and jump-starting
● Compatible with standard, gel, AGM, and deep-cycle batteries
● Automatic amperage adjustment
● Inbuilt Battery/Alternator Tester
● Auto Voltage Detection
● Reverse Hook-Up Protection
● Intuitive user interface


  • Some reports of overheating when left unattended


Schumacher SC1280 Fully Automatic Battery Charger and Maintainer 15 Amp/3 Amp, 6V/12V - for Marine and Automotive Batteries

Schumacher’s SC1280 6/12 Volt Rapid Battery Charger is, as its name suggests, designed to make the process of charging your battery quicker and easier.

This charger operates at 3A for battery maintenance and 15A for charging. Like the SC1281, it is compatible with 6 or 12-volt standard, deep-cycle, AGM, and gel batteries.

The SC1280 charger incorporates many of the same features that make the SC1281 such a great choice.

These features include Auto Voltage Detection, Microprocessor Control, and Reverse Hook-Up Protection.

This model also features Folat-Mode Monitoring, which automatically detects and maintains your battery’s optimum charge without any control navigation on your end.

The user interface is easy to navigate due to its incorporation of a helpful start/stop button and a digital LED display.

Meeting the highest industry standards for energy efficiency, this charger can be trusted to provide a quick and efficient charging service. 


● Compatible with 6 and 12-volt batteries
● Standard, deep-cycle, AGM, and gel battery compatible
● Auto Voltage Detection
● Microprocessor Control
● Reverse Hook-Up Protection
● Float-Mode Monitoring
● Easy-to-use interface
● Energy efficient 


  • Reports of display glitching


Schumacher SC1309 Battery Charger with Engine Starter, Boost, and Maintainer - 200 Amp/40 Amp, 6V/12V - for Cars, Trucks, SUVs, Marine, RV Batteries

The SC1809 Wheeled Automatic Battery Charger provides a powerful and automatic charge combined with superior convenience, practicality, and portability.

Operating at an amperage of 40A for battery charging and boosting, this charger can also reach an amperage of 200A for effective jump-starting of larger batteries, such as those in trucks and SUVs.

This model incorporates the tried and tested automatic charging features found on the SC1281 and SC1280.

With Microprocessor Control, Multi-Stage Charging, Float-Mode Monitoring, Auto Voltage Detection, Reverse Hook-Up Protection, and Battery and Alternator Testing, this battery charger provides a fully-automatic experience that minimizes the amount of user input needed.

Additionally, however, the Schumacher SC1309 is designed for superior ease of transport and portability.

The design features compact wheels and a retractable handle, which not only enable easy maneuvering and transport but also make this model easy to store in tight spaces.

Another unique selling point of this charger is its color-coded clamps, which are easily accessible from their position on the front of the unit.

The 6 ft power cord and output cables are resistant to low temperatures, meaning that they stay flexible even in cold weather.

Like the SC1281 and SC1280, this battery charger features an extremely user-friendly interface with an LED digital display, push-button controls, and a stop/start push-button interface.


● 40/200A amperage
● Suitable for charging and jump-starting
● Microprocessor Controlled, Multi-Stage Charging
● Reverse Hook-Up Protection
● Float-Mode Monitoring
● Auto Voltage Detection
● Battery and Alternator Testing
● Color-coded clamps
● 6 ft cold-resistant cables
● Compact wheels
● Retractable handle 


  • Reported concerns regarding durability


Schumacher SP1297 Fully Automatic Battery Charger, Maintainer, and Auto Desulfator - 3 Amp, 12V - For Cars, Motorcycles, Lawn Tractors, Power Sports, Marine Batteries

Schumacher’s SP1297 12 Volt Fully Automatic Battery Charger is suitable for charging 12-volt car, marine, and motorcycle batteries.

As well as standard, AGM, gel, and deep-cycle batteries, this model will also charge Lithium lead-acid batteries.

This charger is available for purchase in a variety of amperage ratings, including 1A, 1.5A, 3A, and 6A.

The SP1297 features microprocessor-controlled, multi-stage charging, reverse hook-up protection, and float-mode monitoring.

Additionally, the SP1297 charger includes several adaptors to ensure the ease-of-use of this battery charger in all circumstances.

There is a 12-volt DC adapter, a plastic-covered clamp adaptor, and a 24-inch fused ring lead harness for connecting to places that are hard to reach.

Moreover, the included hook attachment allows the charger to be hung up easily for convenient storage. 


● Available in 1A, 1.5A, 3A, and 6A
● Suitable for car, marine, and motorcycle batteries
● Standard, AGM, gel, deep-cycle, and Lithium battery compatible
● Microprocessor-controlled, multi-stage charging
● Reverse hook-up protection
● Float-mode monitoring
● Includes adaptors for added compatibility
● Hook attachment for easy storage 


● Only suitable for 12-volt batteries
● Will only maintain (not charge) SUV, RV, boat, and tractor batteries
● Not suitable for truck batteries 


Schumacher SC1359 Fully Automatic Battery Charger, Maintainer, and Auto Desulfator with Battery Detection - 15 Amp/3 Amp, 6V/12V - For Cars, Trucks, SUVs, Marine, RVs

The SC1359 Battery Charger from Schumacher provides a slightly more manual charging experience than Schumacher’s other fully automatic models.

This is great if you want an automatic charger that still allows you a certain level of control over the process.

Running at 15A for charging, and 3A for maintenance, this charger is compatible with 6 or 12-volt standard, AGM, deep-cycle, and gel batteries.

This model, like many of the other models featured on our list, incorporates auto voltage detection, reverse hook-up protection, and microprocessor-controlled, multi-stage charging.

However, the user interface featured on the SC1359 battery charger also includes push-button controls for selecting the battery type and charging rate.

This gives you some added control over the charging process if you don’t want to solely rely on the multi-stage charging and auto volt detection features.

The LED indicators and digital display make this charger easy and intuitive to use.

The design of the SC1359 also includes an adjustable handle for easy transport and portability.


● 15/3A amperage
● Suitable for 6 and 12-volt batteries
● Standard, AGM, deep-cycle, and gel battery compatible
● Auto-voltage detection
● Reverse hook-up protection
● Microprocessor-controlled, multi-stage charging
● Push-button controls
● Intuitive LED indicators and display
● Adjustable handle for portability 


● Reports of inaccurate volt detection

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a professional-grade, powerful, and reliable battery charger, Schumacher truly is your best bet.

Their extensive range of battery chargers means that, regardless of the individual needs of you and your vehicle, you’ll be able to find a charger that suits you perfectly.

Schumacher’s various inbuilt safety and efficiency features really make this brand of battery charger stand out from the competition and guarantee the most stress-free battery charging experience possible.

Whether you’re looking for power, automation, portability, or control in your battery charger, Schumacher’s range of products will meet your needs.

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