Aleko Awning Reviews

ALEKO supplies a wide collection of awnings in many different colors and materials, so they’re a great brand choice when you’re looking for your newest RV covering.

It can be hard to find an awning that disappoints, but the best way to buy practical fabrics is for longevity, and even a satisfying awning can come apart in a matter of months.

We’ve gathered a bunch of these RV-friendly awnings below. Each one has been reviewed and summarized in pro and con points, so you can see what each awning offers at a glance, and we’ve also got links to product pages that go into more detail.

Aleko Awning Reviews


ALEKO Retractable RV or Home Patio Awning 10 x 8 Feet (10x8, Blue Fade) - RVAW10X8BLUE24

ALEKO specializes in their retractable awnings for backyards, balconies, and patios, and within their expansive catalog, you can find products suitable for use with RVs, too.

Our number one awning is the ALEKO Manual Retractable RV Trailer Awning. This one in particular is designed to work with trailers, though we don’t see any reason why you can’t hook it up to a full RV if you need to.

First, don’t let the word manual scare you. Since this is designed to work with trailers and other mobile homes, it’s made to be fast and convenient to use.

Instead of a crank system like you’ll see in some other manual ALEKO awnings further down this list, this one’s got a pull strap that lets you open or close it within a minute.

That alone makes this a great option for those who have traumatic memories of wrangling with manual hand cranks or other needlessly complicated pulley systems when opening awnings in the past, but there’s more.

The trailer design of this awning means it has two extra limbs that can either rest on the RV or protrude outwards and into the ground.

Doing the latter not only creates more shade to relax in but it also provides more stability, assuming you’ve set up on even ground.

Once you have set up, you have great protection from the elements, come rain or shine, thanks to ALEKO’s own PVC-based awning fabric.

This isn’t only water-resistant because of the PVC; it also eliminates moisture to avoid mold buildup and it can repel UV rays so that it’ll last longer when exposed to the sun. 

It won’t become brittle or have its colors fade as fast.


  • The pull strap allows you to manually open or close your awning in less than a minute.
  • The awning’s PVC fabric is treated to keep water, mold, and even sunlight out.
  • Two extra limbs allow you to prop up a wider and more stable area to relax in.
  • Available in a collection of sizes and colors to fit your RV.


  • The installation manual can be difficult to get through.


ALEKO Retractable 10x8 Feet Motorized White Frame Patio Awning - 100% Polyester Canopy, Cover, Sun Shade, Shelter for Yard, Deck, Balcony - UV Protection – Black - AWM10X8BK81

At our second spot, we have an all-rounder ALEKO awning that’s easy to install and even easier to control.

We’re talking about the AWM10X8BK81 Motorized Awning, though part of that product code takes into account the black color and 10x8 size of the awning type we’ve linked.

You’ll see that on the product page you’re spoilt for choice, having so many colors, color schemes, and sizes to choose from to find the best for your needs.

So, we’ve established it’s an ALEKO awning with colored fabric, but what’s new here? That’d be the fact it’s motorized.

This means its retraction mechanism is hooked up to a motor that when triggered with the convenient remote that ships with this awning, will unroll or retract itself in under a minute.

This is great, especially on lazy evenings when you don’t want to get out of your seat. If you want to save batteries or you’re already close by, there’s also the traditional manual crank that you can use too.

The metal frame of these awnings is coated in a gritty powder that greatly improves their durability. They won’t wear down easily over time, whether that’s through the environment or frequent use.

The fabric is also designed to last you a long time, having been treated so that it’s water-resistant.

Not only is it safeguarded against the rain, but the sun also shouldn’t cause too much trouble for this awning thanks to its ultraviolet protectant surface. 

This stops the fabric from becoming brittle and weak due to prolonged sunlight exposure.


  • These awnings retract in under a minute via a remote-controlled motor, making setup quick, easy, and comfortable.
  • Its metals are powder-coated and it’s treated to resist both water and UV rays.
  • Available in a wide variety of sizes and colors.


  • Motorized awnings are more complicated to set up.


ALEKO Manual Retractable Half Cassette Patio Awning, 10x8 Ft Manual Exterior Sunshade Canopy with Hand Crank – Sand

The next awning we have to show you is the ALEKO Manual Retractable Half Cassette Awning.

As we’ve said, ALEKO specializes in awnings of all kinds, and this also includes manual retractable awnings.

Using a hand crank that should stay functional for a long time, you have full control over this awning as you unravel it.

The manual operation of this awning is literally the only reason it finds itself near the bottom of our list.

If you’re fine with it then there really isn’t any problem, it works smoothly enough and you’ll get a lot of use out of it assuming that the mechanics of the hand crank doesn’t end up broken. 

As always, it’ll come with the fabric so that you can use the awning right out of the box.

The frames of these awnings have a grey finish that’s great for not just subtle decoration, but also for hiding the small imperfections and dirt that’d otherwise show really well on white or brighter surfaces.

It also has a practical metallic aesthetic that we like.


  • A retractable ALEKO awning that functions using a manual hand crank for precise manipulation.
  • Awning frames have a grey finish that hides dirt and discoloration.
  • Comes with fabric in a variety of designs and sizes.


  • Since this is a manual awning, it lacks motorization.


ALEKO Polycarbonate Outdoor Window and Door Cover - Single Wide 40x40 in - Polycarbonate Brown - DC40X40BRGA

This awning, better referred to as a canopy, in this case, is the ALEKO DC40X40BR Polycarbonate Outdoor Canopy.

If you can’t tell from its image, it’s quite different from the other awnings here in that it’s made from solid, rigid materials that are fashioned into a distinct curve.

That curve is great for directing rain and other liquids off of the canopy, away from you, and to the floor where it’s no longer a problem.

The big draw with this product is its use as a shelter from the elements. As you’d expect, this awning is the toughest here.

It’s made from aluminum, which helps it maintain some form of lightness, along with plastic and polycarbonate to form a durable canopy that should be able to take on all sorts of environmental pressures.

The downside to this model seems pretty obvious, the canopy is a rigid protrusion from your vehicle.

For some of you, this won’t be an issue but, if space is tight, you can’t drive around with this thing poking out and there may be a legality issue depending on where you are.

The solution to this would be to take it off when moving, but this is an extra hassle and takes up room inside your RV.

You need to ask yourself whether this extra effort is worth having a superior awning that will last you a very long time and keep water away, period.


  • A solid, curved canopy that can be installed for a superior shelter.
  • Made from light but durable substances like plastic and polycarbonate.
  • The canopy itself is curved so that everything runs off it.


  • A bulky canopy that’s harder to install.
  • Fixed sizing on product listings.


ALEKO Patio Awning 13x10 Feet Fabric Replacement - 100% Polyester Canopy, Cover, Sun Shade, Shelter for Yard, Deck, Balcony - UV Protection – Green - FAB13X10GREEN39

For our last product suggestion, we haven’t got an awning, we have the fabric needed for it.

No matter which awning you go with, even if it’s one of the above, the fabric that it comes with will eventually degrade. 

When it does, who better to buy the replacement from than ALEKO? This is ALEKO’s own heavy-duty retractable awning fabric, made from tightly-woven polyester to stay strong and last you a long time.

Speaking of long-lastingness, part of the secret to ALEKO fabric’s longevity is the fact that it’s resistant to a lot of outdoor elements.

It’s not just resistant to water to keep the rain at bay, it’s also resistant to the lingering moisture that can get into fabrics and produce mildew or mold.

It’s even UV-ray resistant so that ultraviolet exposure can’t turn the fabric brittle over long periods. While the fabric will stay strong, the color will inevitably get dulled by sunlight.

ALEKO fabrics are available in a variety of designs, from solid colors to striped color schemes, and come in every size that you can find for an ALEKO awning.

Also, since awning sizes overlap, ALEKO fabrics are compatible with other awning brands too, perfect for if your old non-ALEKO awning could use a replacement too.


  • A heavy-duty ALEKO awning fabric replacement made from tightly woven polyester.
  • Resistant to water, mildew caused by moisture, and ultraviolet rays.
  • Available in a variety of sizes, solid colors, and striped designs.


  • The colors will fade if exposed to sunlight.

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