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Best Portable Hammock Stand for your RV

When you picture a hammock, you will likely see just a piece of fabric hanging between two trees. Swinging gently and calmly in the breeze.

There is probably a cocktail perched on a table nearby. A sea-salty breeze in the air.

But that doesn’t have to be the only place you can enjoy the calming bliss of a hammock. If you regularly travel to different areas in your RV, you’re not always going to find somewhere with trees.

You really need two trees, at a perfect distance apart, in the perfect spot. But this isn’t going to be very achievable, especially on a campsite.

So, the next best thing is a portable hammock. For this, you’re going to need a portable hammock stand. With a portable hammock stand, you will be able to get that chilled out feeling anywhere.

The stress and annoyance of trying to find trees or somewhere to hang the hammock isn’t exactly the relaxation you are seeking from a hammock.

So, to help you find the perfect support for your hammock and to find that chill, we’ve put together a list of the best portable hammock stands.

Read on for the best portable hammock stands available, as well as a few tips and tricks for the buying process.

Anxious to head off on the road and destress? No problem. To save you browsing, here’s our top pick for the best portable hammock stand.

Top 5 Best Portable Hammock Stand


Sunnydaze 550-Pound Capacity Universal Multi-Use Heavy-Duty Steel Hammock Stand, 2 Person, Fits Hammocks 9 to 14 Feet Long, Black

Our top pick for the best portable hammock stand is this Sunnydaze hammock stand.

It is durable and long lasting and can support a lot of weight, despite being light itself. 

If you’re looking for something heavy-duty and sturdy then this is a great choice. It is made from a very durable material.

This hammock stand can support up to 550lbs of weight. But the stand itself weighs only 25lbs.

This means that it is lightweight enough to be portable. But not so light that it isn’t sturdy.

Another useful feature of this hammock stand is how many styles can be attached.

There are quite a few different styles of hammock (read on or scroll down for more information on this in the Buyers’ Guide).

This hammock stand is suitable for any hammock that is between 9.5ft and 14ft. This is quite a large range and makes this an almost universal hammock.

This is a great choice if you’re not 100% sure what kind of hammock you have but are still in need of a hammock stand. 

Another feature of this hammock stand that will make it easy for travel is the set up.

Some hammock stands are complicated and require a lot of tools and additional pieces. But this hammock stand requires minimal setup. 

It can be put together without any tools. It is simply set up by locking in the joints with spring-snap button mechanisms.

This means that all you need to do is fit the separate parts together. This will also make the hammock stand easier to dismantle and pack away. 

Likely due to its good quality and durability, this is quite an expensive hammock stand.

There are other, cheaper, options available. But this hammock stand might just be worth investing those extra few dollars in.


  • Suitable for multiple hammock styles
  • No tool set up
  • Made from a durable material
  • Adjustable chains


  • A little more expensive than average
  • No carry bag


VALLEYRAY Portable Steel Hammock Stand with Carry Bag, 2 Person Heavy-Duty Universal Hammock Stand Only, Hammock Frame for Indoor Outdoor Yard Patio Deck

One useful feature of this hammock stand is that it comes with a carry bag. This is a simple but incredibly useful addition.

Some hammock stands are described as portable simply because they can be dismantled and packed away.

But if you want to be able to take your hammock further than a few feet away from your RV, you’re going to need a way to carry all those separate poles. 

This hammock stand is also adjustable. This is super useful for changing up the feel of the hammock but also providing extra support for multiple people.

This hammock stand is big enough for a two person hammock. But if you have two people, the hammock is going to need to be more taut than for one person.

This is to help support the weight so the hammock doesn’t get too close to the ground. 

To help with this adjustability this hammock stand comes with multiple chains and hooks.

These are at various points across the stand and will allow you to adjust the hammock. So you can have your chill time exactly how you want it.

Although this hammock stand is portable and the size is overall a good thing. It does mean that the stand is a little heavier than the average.

This portable hammock is pretty big but if you want something sturdy and durable then chances are the hammock stand is going to need to be a little heavy. 


  • Includes carry bag
  • Fits most hammock styles
  • Large


  • Heavy


ENO SoloPod Hammock Stand

This hammock stand is very different to many of the other options available. Including all others on this list.

A lot of other hammock stands available are very standard and almost industrial looking. This stand is elegant and very unique. 

This unique style is not as complicated as it looks. The stand is still very simple to assemble and is portable.

No tools are needed for assembly and it comes in multiple pieces. These pieces are curved, however, so may take up a little extra space.

As this is such a unique design, this hammock stand is quite a bit more expensive than average.

In fact it’s a lot more expensive. But, it is large, good quality, and looks beautiful. A lot of hammock stands are simply practical.

The manufacturer hasn’t considered the general aesthetic as the main draw is usually the hammock.  But this hammock stand will definitely get a lot of attention.

But, this hammock stand isn’t just beautiful, it is also very practical. It can fit a wide range of hammocks and is scratch and rust-resistant.

This is due to being made from powder-coated steel. This powdered finish is very attractive but also practical.

Another feature that looks great but is also practical are the hooked ends. These add elegant decoration but can also be used as additional hooks for bags, coats, and other items. 

So, if you want something that has more grace and charm than other options (but is still very practical). This is the hammock stand for you.


  • Unique shape
  • Both beautiful and practical
  • Rust-resistant
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Powder-coated steel


  • Expensive


Zupapa Steel Hammock Stand Frame (12 FEET)

This hammock stand is very simple. In fact, it would probably be very difficult to reduce a hammock stand down to fewer pieces than are included here. 

This is great for travel as it will take up less space when packed away and be very quick to put together.

However, it is a little heavier than average. This does generally mean that the stand will be more durable.

But a little difficult to carry. But that, of course, depends on your strength. 

This hammock stand does come with a carry bag. So, if 50lbs isn’t a struggle for you, you should be okay. 

Although it is simple, it can still fit a range of hammocks. Both single and double hammocks can be attached.

However, it is not very adjustable. It comes with a chain at either end to hand the hammock. Although the hammock can be tightened and loosened by its ropes. 

The chain length ultimately determines the height of the hammock. So make sure to double check the length of your hammock against the dimensions of the stand.

Otherwise you might find yourself sagging very close to the ground. Or high up and trying to balance on a very taunt and unbalanced hammock.


  • Includes carry bag
  • Sturdy
  • Simple design
  • Large


  • Expensive for a simple design
  • Heavy


This portable hammock stand can accommodate a hammock between 8ft and 10.5ft. But it can still support the standard 550lb weight as other options available.

This is a great option if you have a smaller hammock and don’t want a huge metal structure to carry around with you.

Of course, the structure is by no means small. But it is not as large as some other options available. 

The smaller size of this hammock stand also makes it more portable. It comes with a carry case which the pieces can be easily slotted into for travel.

This bag can also be used for storage during the cooler months when the weather doesn’t lend itself to lounging in a hammock.

This portable hammock stand comes with two hooks attached directly to the stand.

This is in contrast to most other options which have chains attached to the stand itself, with hooks on the end of the chains. 

This likely won’t make a huge difference. It simply means that the hammock will be slightly less adjustable.

But as the stand itself is smaller than average and most hammocks come with long rope that can be altered, this shouldn’t be a big issue. This is more of a preference than a structural consideration. 


  • Affordable
  • Includes carry bag
  • Easy to assemble.


  • Hooks instead of chains

Best Portable Hammock Stand Buying Guide

Buying a hammock stand is a little trickier than you might imagine. First of all, the stand will need to be compatible with the hammock you already have.

Chances are, you bought a hammock thinking it was a great idea. But are now struggling to find anywhere to hang it. So, the most sensible option is to buy a portable hammock stand. 

This can be taken around with you everywhere so you can hang out wherever you like. But before you just buy the first option that comes up on your search engine, there are a few things to consider.

Take a look through our guide to finding the perfect hammock stand. 

Hammock Styles

You might assume that there is only one style of hammock. But there are actually a lot of different versions.

Sure, they are all very similar but there are some important differences. For example, the length and width will make a big difference. 

There are actually 21 different kinds of hammocks. They are relatively simple products and have been used by many different cultures for hundreds of years, if not longer. So that’s quite a long time to come up with a lot of different variations.

Before buying a stand, make sure that you know exactly what style your hammock is. Hammocks are supposed to bring calm and peace to your life. So the frustration of trying to fit your hammock onto the wrong stand isn’t going to do you any favors. 


Length is a huge factor to consider. If you buy a hammock stand that is too short or too long, you’re going to end up hanging too close to the ground or the hammock will be too taut. Either way it will be unusable. Or at the very least uncomfortable.

So make sure that the hammock stand is not only long enough for the hammock. But there is enough space for it to hang correctly.

Some hammocks are made from a soft material that will sag and need some give. Others, such as rope hammocks, need to be more taut.

Hanging a Hammock

Always make sure to double check how your hammock should be hung. Hammocks will come with hanging ropes of varying lengths.

Portable hammock stands will either have chains hanging from either end of hooks attached directly to the stand itself. 

This seems like a minor issue but it will have an impact on how your hammock hangs. Which will then have an impact on how well you can relax.

So it’s a pretty important aspect to consider. Hooks or chains is a personal preference and will depend on the length of your hammock’s ropes. So it’s up to you.


As well as length, height is of course an important factor. The best option for many hammocks is a stand which is adjustable. This will allow you more surety that your hammock will be able to fit and hang correctly.

It will also mean that more people can use it. Even if your hammock is your own, it’s a good idea to buy a stand that can be adjusted for other people too.


Size is of course an important aspect, especially when you need something portable. But weight is just as important.

Your hammock stand needs to be heavy enough to hold your weight and remain steady. But it also can’t be so heavy that you can’t carry it around and lift it into your RV. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can any hammock go on a stand?

Not really. Hammocks vary greatly in both style and material. Some are soft and need a lot of space to sag and hang.

Others are taut and need more space. There isn’t one standard style of hammock so there isn’t one standard style of hammock stand.

Make sure to double check exactly what kind of hammock you have so that you can match it up to the stand. There are lots of hammock stands available that will fit multiple hammock styles.

It isn’t the case that there is a different stand for each different style of hammock. So you should at least be able to find some good quality universal stands.

How do you hang a portable hammock?

This depends on the type of hammock you have. But generally it’s a pretty simple process. Hammocks may vary a lot in style but they are still very simple products. 

The ends of every hammock will of course need to be tied to the ends of the hammock stand. But then there will be some specific alterations needed for different styles. For example, some need to be slack whereas some need to be taught.

It’s not a difficult process and the stands should come with instructions. 

Can I leave my hammock stand outside?

This depends on a few different factors. Mainly, of course, the weather.

Hammock stands should be okay in most climates but it’s a good idea to bring them in over the winter. This will stop them from rusting or becoming scratched or damaged.

If you really want a hammock stand that can just be left where it is. The most important thing to do is to check the material. If a hammock stand is water and weather-resistant, then it will likely be included in the info and instructions included. 

So, if the instructions say not to leave the stand outside in bad and wet weather, it’s worth listening.

You don’t want it to rust and end up with a stiff and creaking hammock - not exactly the blissful gentle rocking you expect from a hammock.

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