EternaBond RV Roof Tape

EternaBond RV Roof Tape Reviews

The Brand

EternaBond is a division of Royal Adhesives & Sealants, LLC that offers roof repair solutions.

They built their entire business on the back of the MicroSealant adhesives that their EternaBond tape has, providing a permanent bond to most surfaces that you’ll find on roofs that need repairing.

If you needed convincing about the authenticity of EternaBond’s products, Royal Adhesives & Sealants, and all their acquired sub-brands and technologies were themselves bought by H.B. Fuller, EternaBond included.

When it comes to industrial adhesives and sealants, H.B. Fuller is one of the big players in the industry, so it makes sense they’d acquire EternaBond’s roof tapes that can do both.

The Product

So, what is EternaBond in regard to the product they offer? EternaBond is the registered name of a range of easy to use one-step sealant tapes manufactured for roofs and roofing accessories.

This includes the roofs of mobile vehicles like RVs if the name of this page wasn’t already an indication.

Without the use of other sealants, EternaBond products use that aforementioned MicroSealant Technology to make the tape not just waterproof, but airtight.

The tapes themselves are made with 100% solids, namely synthetic resins combined with non-curing rubber, some thermoplastics, and a primer that facilitates their interaction.

This is all bonded via a UV-stable tape backing, so long-term degradation through prolonged sun exposure isn’t a worry anymore. 

As you’d expect with any tape of this caliber, they have silicone release liners that must be removed to expose the adhesive face and make the application possible.

That MicroSealant Technology is a closely guarded secret in EternaBond tapes. They work using a variety of sealants that are aligned in such a way that, when primed and applied, become so stable that light or heat can’t weaken it.

There are primers built into the synthetic polymers found in this tech.

No matter where you are, you don’t have to worry about the deterioration of your tape brought about by the environment.

This is because there are temperature precautions built into the tape itself, like bonding substrates so that the tape becomes waterproof to any liquid that would otherwise end up bypassing the tape and invading your RV.

What better way to understand EternaBond products than seeing them for yourself? Below we’ve provided some links to EternaBond tapes that are compatible with the roofs of RVs.

As you can see, we’ve also included some short, quickfire reviews for those of you that want any suggestions, so check them out if you need some tape.

Top 5 EternaBond RV Roof Tape


EternaBond RoofSeal White 4' x50' MicroSealant UV Stable Roof Seam Repair Tape | 35 mil Total Thickness | EB-RW040-50R - One-Step Durable, Waterproof and Airtight Repair

If you need a lot of EternaBond tape, check out the EternaBond RSW RoofSeal.

This is one of their most popular and best-selling products, so it’s a great option to get familiar with the EternaBond brand. RoofSeal is their workhorse tape option that’s ideal for roofs of any kind.

Though EternaBond has RV- and mobile home-specific tapes, as you can see below, there are plenty of reviews of RoofSeal from RV owners who have found this tape to be sufficient.

So, what makes the RoofSeal better than other tape options? First, you have a choice in the size of the tape you get to suit your needs.

Naturally, the more of this universal tape you get, the more you’ll pay for it.

Aside from that, it features EternaBond’s safety features like a silicone lining that stops you from accidentally sticking it to the wrong surface.

It also won’t deteriorate in sunny environments.

What sets the EternaBond RoofSeal apart is its very high elongation factor.

This means the RoofSeal, more than other brand tapes and some of the other EternaBond tapes, can contract or expand as the conditions around it change.

This means it won’t get loosened when temperatures change.

The tape can adapt to its surroundings to ensure that it remains flush against the surface it’s fixed on, which is a big deal when your tape is being used outside.

Since most EternaBond products are roof repair tapes, they don’t tend to stick well to plastics or metals.


  • RoofSeal is EternaBond’s universal roofing tape that can tackle both domestic and mobile home roof repair.
  • A silicone layer reduces the likelihood that the tape gets stuck where it shouldn’t.
  • The RoofSeal has a very high elongation factor, so it can expand or contract to retain its stick.


  • Since this is best for roof repair, it won’t stick very well to plastic or metal.


EternaBond White Mobile Home RV Rubber Roof Repair 4' x 20' - 20 Foot, 20 Feet

If you want an EternaBond tape with “RV” on the label for peace of mind, check out this tape.

With this purchase, you get a four-inch by twenty-feet roll of authentic EternaBond tape that has been made with the roofs of RVs and mobile homes in mind.

The tape is also white, so it should be compatible with the roofs of many mobile homes.

Since this is a smaller role than EternaBond usually offers, these rolls are cut from a master roll to ensure that it retains the same quality as those longer rolls.

These tapes are perfect for re-seaming the roofs of your RV and should be compatible with most of the materials RV roofs are made from.

This includes wood, concrete, and some metals like copper, as well as Hypalon, most PVC types, and tile.

With this variety, it’s easy to see why EternaBond is often used by professional roof repairmen.

Using EternaBond’s MicroSealant Technology, this tape stops any leaks that would otherwise run into the interior of your RV or mobile home.

During application, we’d advise you to watch for silicone caulk since the EternaBond RV rubber roof repair tape won’t stick to that very well.


  • Authentic EternaBond rolls cut from larger master rolls to ensure a consistent level of quality.
  • Uses EternaBond MicroSealant Technology to keep invasive water out.
  • Can be applied to a wide variety of roof material.


  • Won’t adhere well to silicone caulk if it’s present on your surface in need of repair.


EternaBond RV Mobile Home Roof Seal Sealant Tape & Leak Repair Tape 4' x 50' Roll White Authentic (4''-50ft)

Here you can find more EternaBond tape that’s perfect for sealing and repairing the roof of your RV.

Once again, it’s white since this is one of the most prevalent colors that the roofs of RVs and mobile homes come in.

With the rolls you can find through the above link, you have a choice between three-, four-, or five-inch rolls.

Each of those has fifty feet of tape spooled around them.

Like a lot of EternaBond tapes, they’re not only waterproof but are also resistant to the natural temperature changes and other environmental disruptions that take place when the tape is laid outdoors.

The tape can expand and contrast quite literally with the weather, ensuring that your sealant job stays secure.

As we covered above, EternaBond tapes are compatible with a lot of roof surfaces.

This tape goes into even more detail into the surfaces that this tape can tackle, with it being able to handle wood, PVC, Hypalon, tiles, aluminum, galvanized steel, copper, polyethylene and propylene, as well as fiberglass.

Some traditional roofing surfaces like brick and shingle are also detailed, but we’re going to go ahead and guess you haven’t got a brick-topped RV.

As for how this tape can be applied, it’s great for repairing openings that aren’t supposed to be there but it’s also great at covering up openings that are built into your vehicle.

For example, it’s a good tape for covering up small openings like seams or even larger ones like skylights and sunroofs. 

One thing about EternaBond tape is that it’s very sticky. This is exactly what you want in a tape, of course, but it means you can’t manually cut down the tape into smaller pieces.

This does limit the use you can get out of tape since you get the size you buy, nothing more or less.

Since EternaBond can be more expensive because of all the fancy technology used to make it, it can be hard to justify a purchase if you aren’t going to reliably use all of it.


  • A choice of size for adaptable, white EternaBond tapes perfect for roof sealant and repair.
  • Compatible with a lot of roof surfaces such as wood, PVC, fiberglass, and more.
  • Is perfect for sealing seams and skylights.


  • It’s very sticky so you can’t manually cut it. You get the size you buy.

Wrapping Up

That should be just about everything you need to know about EternaBond tapes and the slight variations in them.

As you’ve no doubt noticed, there’s only so much difference you can get between tapes, and with EternaBond you’re guaranteed the core protective features that have made them a standout brand in the first place.

Whether you need to cover the roof of your home or your RV, or you’re running a business that involves working with repair tape, you should find that EternaBond will have most of your needs covered.

Their tapes are waterproof, airtight, and even change with the weather to ensure they have a good stick, what more could you want from a roll of tape?

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