How to Keep Mice Away from your Bed

Love them or hate them, you don’t want mice in your bed! 

Some of them might be adorable, theme park owning tycoons but others carry germs and diseases. Also, they leave behind stinky presents that have no place in your bedroom. 

Thankfully, you are far more likely to find mice in the kitchen than in the bedroom. They are shy creatures who prefer to stay away from people. As such, they’d much rather hang out where there’s food than in your bed with you. 

When you’re camping, however, your bedroom tends to be much closer to the kitchen. There’s nothing worse than trying to relax after a long day’s drive and hearing the telltale skittering in the next room. Or worse, above your head.

There are a number of things you can do to avoid sleepless nights or dreams filled with little bedfellows. Prevention is always the best cure but we also have tips for ridding them if they’ve already crept in. 

Possible Factors


Mice are quick and agile. They can fit through tiny gaps, climb vertical walls, and leap like kangaroos when they want to. It’s like the soundtrack to their life is the Mission Impossible music.

To keep them out of a room, you need to seal up any and all cracks or holes. Even the smallest crack or gap can become a mouse thoroughfare. 

For holes and cracks in the wall, you can buy sealant. Normal sealants work just as well as products advertised specifically for rat and mice holes. 

To be extra safe, stuff the hole or crack with steel wool before sealing. Mice can chew through wood and plastic but they don’t like to chew on steel wool. The abrasive texture is unpleasant and it hurts their little noses. 

The problem you might come across is ventilation holes. Usually, these are behind dryers or in roofs. Obviously, sealing ventilation systems is not a smart move. They are there for a reason!

However, you can buy mouse mesh. This is a fine metal grating similar to chicken wire but smaller. You can place mouse mesh over ventilation holes to stop mice from getting in. The mesh allows for airflow, meaning your vents and appliances can work as they are supposed to.


Ultimately, food is what draws mice into your home or your RV. It’s why you are far more likely to find them in the kitchen or pantry. Homes are hunting grounds for mice.

To keep mice away, avoid bringing food into bed. Whether it’s breakfast in bed, a midnight snack, or other, uh, bedroom activities, food leaves crumbs, and mice love crumbs. 

The best way to prevent mice from crawling into your bed is to not give them a reason to do so. 

If you insist on having a snack in bed, get rid of the packaging, and vacuum up any crumbs. 


There might be another reason for mice in and around your bed. Other than the food I mean. 

Mice like to make warm, snuggly nests. They are usually ball-shaped and will be made from anything they can shred and carry. 

Even in the wild, it’s not uncommon to find mice nests made from paper, cardboard, clothing, or the insides of pillows. They are industrious little creatures who make the most of what’s around them. 

If you have a messy bedroom filled with clothes, clutter, and chaos, congratulations! You’ve created the perfect nesting ground for mice! 

If they haven’t already made a home for themselves in the pile of dirty laundry, they’ve probably been stripping your old books for nesting material. 

Again, the key thing is to not give mice a reason to be in your bedroom. 

Tidy up and declutter! If they haven’t got anywhere to hide or nest they won’t bother. 

Make sure you clean up those dark spaces like under your bed or behind the dresser. These are perfect hiding spots for mice. This is also where our junk and clutter tends to fall. 


Mice have pretty poor eyesight but they make up for it with their sense of smell. When exploring and investigating, mice will sniff their way towards food and avoid areas with dangerous smells. 

You can buy plug-in air diffusers or pouches that emit smells that are repellent to mice. For the most part, you won’t be able to smell them so they shouldn’t bother you. 

Another simple way to keep mice out of your bedroom is to allow your cat to sleep there. 

Cat smells frighten mice away. If you have a pet cat, you have the solution. It won’t matter if your moggy is more of a lounger than a mouser. As long as they smell like a cat they should do the trick.  

Removing Mice

If you’re past the point of prevention and need to take action, there are a few things you can do. 

You should also get rid of food and clutter as mentioned above. You might find that once they have no reason to be in your bedroom, they won’t bother coming back. 

You’ll want to avoid using any toxic chemicals or poison in the bedroom. I think it’s fairly obvious why. 

Instead, you can purchase traps. Place these in the places where you have found mice droppings. Obviously don’t put one in bed with you, but try your best to put them somewhere you know the mice have been. 


The Mouse Hotel Humane Mousetrap Live Capture No Kill Mouse Trap (Transparent Green)

The Mouse Motel
Humane No-Kill Mouse Trap

We recommend humane traps that simply, well, trap the mouse until you can remove it. These are often tubes that shut once a mouse has entered. 

Snap traps are painful and cruel. Often they don’t kill the mouse straight away. Instead, they injure it and hold it in place until it dies. It’s not pleasant. 

Glue traps are also horrendously cruel. They hold the mouse in place until it starves to death or dies of dehydration. The mice often mutilate themselves trying to break free. 

If the trap is in your bedroom, you’re more likely to check it than if it’s in an attic. So you’ll find yourself with a mouse that you now need to put out of its misery. 

Also, you’ll more than likely have to listen to the poor thing squeaking in panic and pain with lethal traps.

If you don’t want to trap the mice, a non-toxic repellant is a good idea. The diffusers and pouches we mentioned earlier are perfect. 


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You can also get sound emitters that create sounds that are out of our range of hearing. Mice can hear them and it frightens them away. 

If you have pets in the house, you need to be careful about what you put down. Poisons are obvious, but noise emitters can also stress out your pets. Check the manufacturer’s guidance before using any traps or repellers. 

Final Thoughts

The best way to keep mice out of your bed is to make your bed unappealing to them. Don’t leave crumbs for them to find and don’t give them hiding spots.

No matter how cool and popular you think you are, mice just aren’t interested in hanging out with you. They only want food and shelter. If you don’t give them these things, they won’t bother you. 

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